Comprehensive Measures

Comprehensive Measures to Combat Graffiti Vandalism

January 28, 2016—Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Declares February Graffiti Free Awareness Month

Mayor Greg Stanton of Phoenix signed a proclamation declaring February Graffiti Free Phoenix Awareness Month. This is the second year of this declaration. During February, the Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department (NSD) will promote Graffiti Free Phoenix program, which encourages residents across the community to join the city in the effort to keep Phoenix graffiti free. NSD will provide free paint and supplies to any group organizing a community clean up to clean graffiti in Phoenix. Additionally, through the year, NSD provides Neighborhood College workshops that teach Phoenix residents and business owners to use a paint sprayer or pressure washer to remove graffiti. Workshops can be viewed online at

Source: City of Phoenix

September 15, 2015-- Lynwood, Washington, Anti-Graffiti Campaign Effective

The City of Lynwood, WA has launched an aggressive campaign against graffiti that is working. The police department dedicates a division within the police department’s new Community Health and Services unit to combat graffiti. In this program, six citizen patrol volunteers work specifically on graffiti, and all the paints and supplies are donated by a local business. Lynnwood police said most of the city’s most heavily vandalized spots have been cleaned up and are staying clean, and the hardest-hit neighborhoods are grateful.


October 15, 2014—Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), Anti-Graffiti Conference (TAGS)

An anti-graffiti conference was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia the week of October 13th, bringing together more than 100 city officials, businesses, law enforcement, and other community members concerned with graffiti vandalism. At the conference, participants discussed the problems they face in battling graffiti vandalism including expensive clean-up projects. They also discussed solutions, including art or mural programs.

Source: CBC News Nova Scotia

April 2014—Reno, NV, Graffiti Task Force Report

In April 2014, the Reno Anti-Graffiti Task Force submitted a report to the Reno City Council and City Manager detailing its recommendations to mitigate graffiti in the city. This report was approved by the Council on April 16. While Reno already has strong graffiti laws in place, the report focuses on a new, three-prong approach to address graffiti vandalism: education, eradication, and enforcement.

Source: Reno City Council

December 2013—Yuma, AZ, TAGS Program

The City of Yuma, Arizona launched its TAGS program (The Anti-Graffiti Strategy) in 2010 and is seeing the number of graffiti cases drop significantly, and the number of abatement cases have been cut by more than half. This comprehensive program includes “more abatement resources, fast-as-possible removal of graffiti, aggressive enforcement, successful prosecution of offenders, increased community awareness and improved tracking of the problem.”


December 12, 2013—New Bedford, MA, Graffiti Free NB  

The City of New Bedford, Massachusetts announced its comprehensive approach to address graffiti vandalism, “Graffiti Free NB.” The plan includes options for concerned citizens to report graffiti (phone app, hotline and website), a reward program, and the purchase of an EcoQuip machine to remove graffiti.