Welcome to the GRC Anti-Graffiti Marketplace!

If you are looking for resources and tools to eliminate, clean-up and prevent graffiti vandalism, you have come to the right place. Our Marketplace is filled with the types of products and services that are used by cities, counties and municipalities across the country to fight back against graffiti vandalism. Please feel free to browse our pages in search of anti-graffiti coatings, clean-up equipment, surveillance and capture technology, and consultants that can provide technical and program assistance.

Click on the tabs to review a wide range of products and once you have identified those products or services that you are most interested in, each entry in the Marketplace will include a live link to the manufacturer/provider so that you can learn more and make informed procurement decisions.

While the GRC is happy to make the Anti-Graffiti Marketplace available, please note that we are not manufacturers or providers of any of these products or services. We do not provide any guarantees or warranties on these products/services nor does inclusion in the Marketplace constitute an endorsement. GRC is simply trying to collect as much information as possible on anti-graffiti products and services and provide a central location for this information in one “easy to navigate” marketplace.

I hope that this Marketplace proves to be a useful resource.



Do you manufacture anti-graffiti coatings or equipment that can be used to clean-up or prevent graffiti vandalism? Get your products or services in the GRC Anti-Graffiti Marketplace so that city mayors, procurement officers for streets and sanitation departments, transportation departments and downtown beautification organizations across the country can find them easily. Click here for more information.


If you have specific questions about how to clean-up graffiti vandalism on a specific substrate or perhaps a historical landmark, ASK THE EXPERTS! GRC’s Restoration and Substrate Experts can provide you with technical information for removing graffiti from difficult or sensitive substrates.