Graffiti TaskForces

Graffiti Task Forces

June 29, 2015—Watsonville, CA creates Anti-Graffiti Task Force

The City of Watsonville, California’s police department and the community came together after seeing a spike in graffiti vandalism to cleak up graffiti-stricken areas. The City plans to amp up enforcement and clean up efforts. Volunteers also painted a mural on a fence with graffiti in hopes that it will deter graffiti vandals. Finally, the City is in the early stages of working with the district attorney’s office to increase penalties for graffiti crimes.


April 30, 2014—Detroit, MI, Forming Graffiti Task Force

The Detroit Police Department and the City of Detroit has decided to collaborate and form a graffiti task force to target taggers from spreading graffiti throughout the city.

Source: ABC 7, WXYZ Detroit

April 4, 2014—Pittsburgh, PA, Revives Graffiti Task Force

After being disbanded for a year, the City of Pittsburgh decided to revive its graffiti task force consisting of two officers in order to investigate cases of graffiti vandalism. The task force will work with Graffiti Busters crews from the public works department.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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