GRC’s Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace Features Products and Services for Removal and Prevention of Graffiti Vandalism

Washington, D.C., April 22, 2015 – The Graffiti Resource Council (GRC) has developed a web-based MarketPlace featuring products, services and consultants for the prevention and removal of graffiti vandalism. It is the only online catalogue specifically for these products! The MarketPlace is easily accessible from a link on the GRC website, or directly via

While figures vary from city to city, annual costs associated with graffiti cleanup in cities across the United States range from $45 million to $12 billion! GRC’s Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace is the only online catalogue specifically focusing on the services, products and consultants used in the prevention and cleanup of graffiti vandalism. The Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace gathers these resources in one, easy-to-search location for federal, state, city and municipal purchasing agents, as well as private sector contractors and building maintenance personnel.

At the 2014 National League of Cities (NLC) annual meeting with over 1,400 city officials in attendance and 300 mayors in attendance at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 83rd Winter Meeting, GRC showcased the Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace as an efficient tool for Public Works Directors, Streets and Sanitation officials, Municipal Purchasing Agents, Directors of Parks and Recreation, Directors of Transportation Departments, and others in city, state and local governments who address graffiti vandalism. The MarketPlace will be a significant part of GRC’s services that will continue to be showcased at the 2015 NLC meeting in Nashville along with the Mayors meetings in San Francisco this year.

The Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace enables professionals to conveniently perform targeted searches for products and services related to the prevention and removal of graffiti vandalism. The Anti-Graffiti Marketplace blends a GoogleTM-style search engine with the Yellow Pages to produce targeted, highly refined responses. Searches can be conducted using either:

  • A customizable, user-defined keyword search, or

  • An easy-to-use category search to browse suppliers by specialty.

The Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace contains a Product Showcase section highlighting the best products and services suppliers have to offer for clean-up and prevention strategies. In addition, suppliers have the option to have products highlighted on the search homepage that link directly to the company’s website for immediate access to anti-graffiti products’ features and pricing.

For more information about the GRC Anti-Graffiti MarketPlace, visit For more information about the Graffiti Resource Council, visit

The Graffiti Resource Council (GRC) is a nonprofit corporation whose primary goal is to prevent graffiti vandalism and provide creative solutions that promote graffiti-free communities. The Council is funded by the aerosol coatings industry concerned about the negative impact of graffiti vandalism on America’s communities. 

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