NCPD is now the Graffiti Resource Council

Washington, D.C., July 9, 2014 – After 20 years of service to communities nationwide, the National Council to Prevent Delinquency (NCPD) has taken on a new name: Graffiti Resource Council (GRC). Although the name and logo have changed, the 501 (c)(6) organization will continue its mission of working with communities to prevent graffiti vandalism and provide creative solutions that promote graffiti-free communities.

Rebranding of the organization and celebration of its 20th anniversary marks a new era for the Council. Building on the success of the first two decades, GRC will now expand its efforts with the business community by offering resources that highlight innovative methods of graffiti prevention through new technologies; partner with communities in support of urban art to beautify neighborhoods; and provide opportunities for communities to benchmark their efforts and learn from other successful programs.

According to GRC Executive Director Heidi McAuliffe, “We are excited to carry on the Council’s mission with an expanded portfolio of services for communities, aerosol coatings manufacturers and retail stores. While our focus remains the same, the Graffiti Resource Council will be a high energy resource for communities to eliminate and prevent graffiti vandalism.

” Throughout its history, the Council has helped develop effective policies and comprehensive programs to defer graffiti vandalism, and the crimes associated with it. Through its Responsible Retailing Program, the Council has partnered with retailers to reduce shoplifting of potential graffiti tools and to stop the illegal sale of spray paint.

The Council has also been successful in combatting bans and lock-up ordinances for spray paint across the United States. Since its inception, more than 18 cities have implemented Responsible Retailing in lieu of lock-up ordinances, including San Diego, Calif.; Detroit, Mich.; Baltimore, Md.; Sacramento, Calif.; and Oakland, Calif., among others.

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