There is not wealth of research or facts and figures about graffiti vandalism, unless you know where to look for it. Look no further!!! This space is reserved for relevant law review articles and other academic presentations on the problem of graffiti vandalism and the range of solutions. In addition, any other reports that discuss the different forms of graffiti vandalism, the cost to communities, the range of potential solutions and the cost of these solutions will be included in this space. This could include the reports from a Graffiti Task Force or other public/private projects.


Take a look at:

New York City Graffiti Murals: Signs of Hope, Marks of Distinction

Graffiti and Perceptions of Safety: A Pilot Study Using Photographs and Survey Data

Criminal but Beautiful: A Study on Graffiti and the Role of Value Judgments and Context in Perceiving Disorder

Graffiti Vandalism in America – Shaping the Municipal Response

Report of the Reno, NV, Anti-Graffiti Task Force 2014

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