Street Art

The Role of Street Art

Street Art can be a mural on a retaining wall or side of a commercial building . . .
Street Art can be a sculpture in a park or at an intersection . . .
Street Art can be colorful or not . . .
Street Art can be anything . . . but it cannot be graffiti vandalism!

Legitimate ‘Street Art’ is welcomed in almost every community. It is oftentimes commissioned by the community in order to commemorate milestones in history, people or events . . . or for the sole purpose of beautification! ‘Street Art’ generally causes positive feelings about one’s community.

Graffiti vandalism, on the other hand, is a crime in almost every community. It is, by definition, performed on public and private property without the permission of the property owner. In many instances, removal of graffiti vandalism is extremely costly . . . yet failure to remove it can be even costlier in the form of reduced property values and a persistent feeling of being unsafe.

Across the country, there are many organizations that develop the skills of legitimate artists and bring their art to the public in various forms, including the form of Street Art.

The Graffiti Resource Council is happy to partner with organizations that promote legitimate Street Art and do not encourage, glorify, condone or promote graffiti vandalism in any way.


Please see the following links to view successful mural and street art programs across the country:   

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Art Alley, Rapid City, South Dakota

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